Most Efficient Diesel Truck APU on the Market!

With over 10 years in development and on-road testing and usage, the HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit is a rock solid truck apu. The HP2000 Truck APU was designed and built to handle the extreme temperatures drivers battle every day. By eliminating the need for the truck’s engine to idle, fuel usage is reduced significantly, and allows the driver to enjoy all the comforts that normally are associated with an idling engine. In addition, our patended heat pump system allows for less componentry, resulting in less weight, fuel consumption, moving parts and less noise!

Fully Automatic Digital In-Cab Control Module

Controls are accurate, informative and easy to operate. Select cool or heat, set the temperature and the system maintains the cabin at a comfortable level. Three LEDs indicate systems status. Three position switch allows you to select Climate Control, Off or Battery Monitor Mode.